Cyber Crime Investigation & OSINT Course By Rohit Raj

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Cyber Crime Investigation & OSINT Course by Rohit Raj

Course Launch Date ~ 4 May 2022, Course Language ~ Hindi ( हिंदी )
Course Size ~ 5.36 GB GB Include All Tools And Files
77 Videos HD Practical Videos
Duration ~ 26 Hours 26 Minutes, Course Duration ~ 3 Month
Operating System Used ~ Windows, Kali Linux
Course Owner Name ~ Rohit Raj
Telegram ~ Exploit_Buddy_Official
YouTube Channel ~ Exploit Buddy

Disclaimer – The Content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. All practices demos are performed on my own devices or networks, Infinity-Hacks are not responsible for any type of action.


1. Course Intro and WhoAmi.

2. Disclaimer Must Watch.

3. What is Osint How To Help To Investigate Any Cyber Crime.

4. What Is Sock Puppet In (OSINT).

5. Sock Puppet Practical (OSINT).

6. Osint Practical & What Resource’s Using In Cyber Crime Investigation.

7. (Theory) Website Whois, DNS Subdomain Enumeration etc.

8. How To Investigate Any Domain Or Website & Other Related Thing (OSINT).

9. How Google Dorks Help In Cyber Crime Investigation Or Osint Investigation.

10. Find Someone’s Social-Media & Online Account Using Username, PersonName & Generate Report (OSINT).

11. How To Find All Information About Any People In Single Click. Investigate Any Cyber Crime Also.

12. How To Find Anyone Or Social_Media Profile, email, Domain OR Online Presence Using Username.

13. How To Find Anyone Social Media Account & Other Information Using Images Or Picture OSint.

14. How To Find AnyPerson & FaceBook Account Using E-mail,Mobile-Number,UserN.

15. How To Find Someone Linkedin Profile Using Email Without Connect.

16. How To Find SomeOne Real User I’D And Username Of Any Facebook Account.

17. How To Get Any Facebook Profile, Page, Group, Account Facebook ID Fb-Id ( FACEBOOK OSINT ).

18. How To Investigate Anyone Person And Collect All Information eg Social media Device Info Metadata.

19. How To Know & Retrieve SomeOne Email Address On Social Media Account Using UserName.

20. How To Know About Any Email Where Registered, Identifying & Active Account-Existing.

21. How To Know And Discover Hostnames Of Any Target Ip Addresses.

22. How To Know Any Company Employee Or Someone Linkedin Profile & Generate Linkedin Username.

23. How To Know Anyone Mobile Device Info Using Email Eg- Which Vendor Company Mobile Device Using.

24. How To Know SomeOne AnyoNe Person’s All Internet Activity And History Through Doxing.

25. How To Know Someone Instagram Account Private Connected Email Or Phone Number (OSINT).

26. How To Know Who Visit & Seen. my, Or Stalk My Facebook Profile ( FACEBOOK – OSINT ).

27. How To Visit Any Someone Linkedin Profile Anonymously Without Knowing Him.

28. Twitter Osint Or Investigation & Surveillance User’s Or Track Activities.

29. BitCoin Investigation Or Osint Trace Transaction Of Bitcoin.

30. Browser Extension Help’s In Osint And Cyber Crime Investigation’s.

31. DarkWeb Investigation ( OSINT ).

32. Email Information Gathering Get details, Phone number, Email Harvesting.

33. Email2Phonenumber that allows you to obtain a target’s phone number just by having his email address.

34. Find Anyone Email Using Username Or Person Name.

35. Finding a location From Any Image And Get Exact Geolocation GEO-OSINT.

36. Github User’s, Account, Or Directory, Url (OSINT).

37. Gmail Or Google Account Investigation To Trace Location & Activities Or Know Active Google services (OSINT).

38. Google Docs, Drive, Spreadsheet, Slides, Drawing, MyMaps, etc (OSINT).

39. How Cenysys Help’s in Osint And Cyber Crime Investigation’s.

40. How Intelligence FrameWork Helps In Osint And Cyber Crime Investigation.

41. How Shoan Help’s In Osint Or Cyber Crime Investigation’s.

42. How Spiderfoot FrameWork Is Used To For Cyber Crime Investigation Or Threat Intelligence OSINT.

43. How To Decrypt Hash and Encrypt Any Word Into Hash Easily (OSINT).

44. How To Detect Phishing Domain And Link, Url Or Investigate Phishing Domain, Url Threat Intelliegence.

45. How To Extract Information From Public PGP Keys For OSINT Investigations.

46. How To Extract Text Into Any Image In Osint Investigation’s.

47. How To Get Location Or Device Model Information in Any Image Photo Using Metadata Extraction.

48. How To Identify Any Tor And Darkweb User’s.

49. How To Investigate Any URL To Locate His Trace’s.

50. How To Know How Much SImCard & PhoneNumber Active On Our Adhar-Card & Other Document’s.

51. How To Remove Any Object Or Unwanted, defect, people, and Text From Picture OSINT.

52. How To Track Any Hacker And Scammer Using Different Types Of Files Or Protect Our System.

53. How To Track AnyOne Ip-Address Or Location’s Using Image And Url Or Link.

54. How To Track Exact GPS Location Of Anyone (OSINT).

55. How To Use Maltego Tool’s And How Help’s In OSINT And Cyber Crime Investigation’s.

56. IMEI Investigation Osint Trace Imei Mobile Phone Device Info And Many Thing’s.

57. Instagram Account Investigation (OSINT) & Also See Or Investigate Private profile Photo, Story

58. Mobile Phone Cell Tower Tracking In Any Area Without Gps Location Or Device (OSINT).

59.Osint-FrameWork Help In Osint And Cyber Crime Investigation To Find Information Of Anything’s.

60.PhoneNumber Osint Track Phone Number Activity Or Get Related Email, SocialMedia & Owner Name & Online Activity Etc.

61. Proton-Mail Email Or Proton-Vpn Investigation (OSINT).

62. Recover Any Pixelized ( CENSORED ) Area Into Plain Or In His Original Format.

63. Recover Deleted Tweet Of Any Twitter Account Or Any User’s.

64. Recover Deleted WebPages, Website And Old Website, And Post Website Time Machine.

65. s…..@g… (Obfucsted) Censored Email Or Domain How To Know Or See In Plain Text.

66. Screenshot Osint Investigation To Investigate Any Screenshot.

67. Skype Information Gathering (OSINT) Email To Skype, Skype To Email, Skype Resolver, Phone No.

68. SnapChat (OSINT) Surviellence Or Track SnapChat Users.

69. Surveillance On FaceBook And Instagram Users In Any Location Wise Or Any Place And Any Area.

70. Track And Trace Any Telegram User’s Or Surveillance In Any Particular Area Location (OSINT).

71. Track Any Wifi And Mac Address Bssid & SSID Gps Location (OSINT).

72. Track Tor IP Investigation Or Tor Exit Node Checker (OSINT).

73. Unshorten Any Shorten URL And Get Original URL Behind The Short URL Osint.

74. Voip Or Internet Calling Number Investigation OSINT Find Real Owner Details And Many More Details.

75. Whatsapp Trace & Track Ip-Address & Geolocation Of Target.

76. Youtube Osint Find GeoLocation Of Any GeoTags, Youtube Channel And His All Information Etc.

77. Final Video Of This Course Thanks.

How do get the certificate?

To get the certification you have to give an exam once you pass that exam your certificate will be delivered to your registered email id.

Minimum System Requirements

– Windows 8, 10, 11
– 250GB HDD or SSD Space
– i3 4th Generation or Latest-Generation Processor

1 review for Cyber Crime Investigation & OSINT Course By Rohit Raj

  1. Nikhil

    This course is detailed but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring researcher like myself.

    I am enjoying this course and learning a lot about Open Source Intelligence from it. I noticed there are so many use cases of this that we can apply in our daily life. Like onces in a lifetime you or your known person will faces a situation related to an cybercrime, this is a course which will help you to investigate that on your own.

    The contents are well organised and are focusing on practical situations. This course is great for me for two reasons: Its has a powerful ‘why’ for effective feedback process and a very convincing and practical ‘how’ of giving feedback – It has left me with practical execises to practise the skill and sharpen my acumen.

    I highly recommend it!!

    Thanks and Regards
    Nikhil (Cybercrime Researcher)

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